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Me, myself and I.

I was born in Australia, spending my childhood in the koala infested city of Melbourne. When I wasn't eating Vegemite and marveling at how the toilet flushed counter-clockwise I was watching TV, reading magazines and dreaming of one day working for a magazine or making something TV related. 

I've lived in New York for the last 8 years. Along with creating campaigns for all sorts of big biznesses I've also created social, digital and experiential concepts for smaller growing brands and a magazine that is now sold around the world, and has all sorts of fans, like him and them and them. It was also recently named an official sponsored project of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. 

Since the world could end any day now (as least that's what my Raëlian neighbor Dave tells me) I'm most interested in working with people who want to do insightful, funny and original work. If that's how you're planning to spend your last days, give me a buzz.

Click here to view my Linkedin profile and let's network the fuck out of each other. +1 917 435 8470
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