Agency: McGarryBowen

ECD: Danny Gregory

ACD/Copywriter: Tom Jackson

Art Director: Jesse Packer

The Problem: People hate oil companies, they really hate them. And they have good reason to. However, energy is vital to our way of living. Chevron wanted to tackle its critics head on.


The Solution: We created a bold campaign that examined the common ground Chevron shares with its critics. It addressed the attacks thrown at Energy companies and showed all the ways Chevron is committed to being different, and doing better. Each ad is co-signed by a community/environmental leader and a Chevron representative. 


Working on big oil guarantees your work gets attention. The morning the campaign launched, we discovered it had been leaked to political pranksters, The Yes Men weeks earlier. A DIY campaign 'featuring' the likes of Darth Vadar, Lord Voldemort and Hitler - among others- was underway. The fake work doubled Chevron's media presence and site traffic overnight ultimately leading to a healthy debate about the energy industry and its role in the world — something Chevron looked forward to being a part of.