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JW Anderson — Cover Story 

Agency: T&A 
Creative Directors: 
Tom Jackson & Abi Benitez
Photographer: Daniel Rampulla

We  featured Jonathan Anderson on the cover of GAYLETTER along with an all-star cast of queer models in the JW Anderson Fall/Winter 2018 collection. 



GAYLTR_JA_19099 copy.jpg
GAYLTR_JA_19486 copy.jpg
GAYLTR_JA_19316 copy.jpg
GAYLTR_JA_19229 copy.jpg
GAYLTR_JA_19422 copy.jpg
GAYLTR_JA_19189 copy.jpg
GAYLTR_JA_19482 copy.jpg
GAYLTR_JA_19174 copy.jpg
GAYLTR_JA_19350 copy.jpg
GAYLTR_JA_19418 copy.jpg
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